Backyard Owner Tour

Reindeer, Yaks, Bison, & Moose!

Quick Details

Availability: May through August – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday

Duration: One and a half hours

Summer Farm Tour in Palmer, AK

Get to know our family farm and meet our friendly animals on this fun tour. This tour is guided by a farm owner rather than a tour guide, so expect information on the inner workings of the farm as well as farm history.

You get to hand-feed reindeer in a small group setting, go into the yak pen and learn about the yak, and hand-feed Dolly the bison her favorite treats. You are guaranteed to kiss a moose or hand-feed our moose, Rocky.

The tour ends with a trip up the Butte, where fantastic photo opportunities await with views of the valley, Pioneer Peak, and the Knik Glacier! Enjoy a fun day on the farm with us!