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Hello, Friends of the Reindeer Farm! We’re expecting babies any day now. Follow us on Facebook if you’d like updates on Baby Watch 2018. We’ll be sharing there often as babies come along. Join us!

For now, we’ve got just a few tour dates left until we close for the month of April. You can find those final tours in our online reservation system if you’re interested. They’re filling up fast so get in if you want in. We close so that we can concentrate on our new moms and their babies. We like to focus on them, make sure everyone is safe, comfortable and happy before we host tours again. Plus it’s a breakup in Alaska and it’s just a muddy time to be on a farm. Especially a farm at the foot of the Butte, we get a lot of runoff.

We will be open once again in May and school tours are being booked now. If you’re interested in a group or school tour it’s time to plan now. And regular tours resume then as well. You can book everything through our online reservation system. Join us on Facebook for a look at the new babies OR join us in May.

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