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It’s time friends, time to secure your Reindeer Rental for Christmas Events. Did you know you can Rent Reindeer? You sure can! But this time of year is so busy for us, we’re filling up the last of the open slots in our schedule already. So be sure jump on the chance to have the Magic of Live Reindeer at your Holiday Event and Rent a Reindeer!

Your rental comes with at least one Elf (Reindeer Handler!) and can use in a variety of spaces and events. Our Rentable Reindeer are picked from the best of the best Reindeer stock. These Reindeer are specifically chosen for the gentle behavior and their ability to remain calm, even in crowds. A live Reindeer from Williams Reindeer Farm can make your event unique and special for everyone. Our Reindeer are the Stars of our Farm and we love to share them with you.

Rent a Reindeer For:

  • a Christmas Party
  • a Kids Party
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Bazaars 
  • Photos 
  • Special Private Events
  • Surprises 

But you can’t have a Williams Reindeer Farm Reindeer unless you call or email soon. As you can understand our schedules are full this time of year. If you don’t book a Reindeer early you may not have the chance to enjoy the magic of a live Reindeer at your next event.

You can rent 1-2 Reindeer, Reindeer with Santa, 5 Reindeer to pull a sled, or even 5 Reindeer to pull Santa. We can work with you to make sure you get exactly the experience you’re looking for. Call Williams Reindeer Farm today at 907-745-4000 or email us to get on the schedule.

We LOVE our reindeer!