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Tom and Gene Williams are founders and owners of the Reindeer Farm. Tom grew up on this very farm in the 1950s as a teenager. It was a dairy farm at that time, and Tom has many memories kept in the Colony barn. Thankfully, the house is still standing today.

Tom had a dream of owning a moose farm. He and his father were avid moose hunters with a great appreciation for these majestic creatures. In Alaska, it is impossible to own a moose or have a moose farm, but reindeer, however, are domesticated animals. A new vision was created!

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In 1987, Tom went to Northern Canada to purchase a herd of reindeer. They were brought here to the farm and taught how to eat grains and local hay. The first herd consisted of 20 reindeer. Since 1987, the herd has been as high as 300 but currently sits at around 100.

Tom and Gene have since passed, but the legacy of the farm lives on through their daughters. Their oldest daughter, Denise Williams Hardy, and her family have been running the farm since 2011.

Today the farm has 100 reindeer, 2 Rocky Mountain elk, Dolly the Bison, Appa the Yak, and Rocky the Moose.

We do trail rides on horseback up the Butte, off-the-farm shows with the reindeer, movies, commercials, home visits, the Running of the Reindeer at Fur Rondy, and more!



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A Recommended Detour

This reindeer farm isn't far outside of Anchorage and the drive is beautiful (of course). We visited as a couple and found it would be appropriate for all ages. The family that owns the farm took us right into the herd and let us feed the deer!

– TandLseeingtheworld Provo, Utah
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Great For Animal Lovers Like Myself!

This was the cheapest and one of the best things we did on our Alaska trip! We got to feed reindeer, which was so awesome! They are so sweet and love to be fed. Also, got to feed a moose! If you love animals you will love this experience! Can't wait to come back and do this again someday!

– shley758 Northwood, Ohio
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Great For The Whole Family

The guided tour and chance to feed the reindeer are wonderful opportunities for anyone who likes animals and isn't afraid of them. We even got to "kiss a moose", and they also have a yak and elk in addition to the reindeer. The guide was very informative.

– Curious744921
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Reindeer Farm

On our way through Palmer, we saw the sign for the Reindeer Farm and decided to check it out. It was awesome! We got to meet orphaned animals brought here, such as Rocky the moose, Dolly the wood bison, a yak, and elk. And, of course, reindeer! Getting an opportunity to enter an enclosure to feed reindeer was fantastic and so much fun!

– Jane L Midland, Michigan