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Fall Family Fun

Dress for the Weather!

Quick Details

Availability: First three Saturdays of October

Duration: Six hours

Person (Ages 3 and older)

The Beauty of Fall in Palmer, AK

So you’re planning to come to our Fall Family Fun festival at the Reindeer Farm. We can’t wait to see you! But every good day spent with kids and family needs to have a little bit of advance planning to make it run smoothly. We’ve got tips, people!

  • Buy your tickets in advance – No standing in line to buy tickets; you’re all ready to head on in for fun! Make sure to print your tickets and have them ready to go. I’ve traveled with kids far and wide, and one of the best tips I ever got was to purchase as much in advance as possible so it’s as streamlined as possible.
  • Dress for the cold on a farm – Even if the day seems warm at your house, dress for cold weather and wind. The Reindeer Farm is located just miles from the Knik Glacier, and we get a lot of wind. A lot. So bare minimum, bring a windbreaker, but gloves and a hat never hurt anyone. And remember, it’s a farm, so there is dirt and dust.
  • Bring cash – Most of the activities are free with admission, but there are things that cost extra, like the food vendors, and many of them only take cash.
  • Be photo ready – Bring your phone or camera fully charged and ready to capture all the fun shots of your kids having the best time. We don’t have any electrical plugs available for phones, so if you need an extra battery, bring it!