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Interactive Party Experience

Unique Animal Interactions and Party Package

Price Per Person Minimum 15 people, Ages 2 and under are free.

Experience the Magic of Alaska’s Reindeer Farm: Unforgettable Animal Encounters and Exclusive Party Packages Await in Palmer!

Birthday Party? Corporate Party? Family Gathering? Looking for something different?

Check out our exclusive Winter Reindeer Farm Party option! Only available Jan- March. By appointment.

Start with an outdoor guided tour to visit the large animals. Then warm up inside our heated barn with a unique animal interaction! Get to pet, interact, and take photos with special animal guests: ONE Large Mammal, ONE Small Mammal, and THREE Reptiles!

This is a unique experience we have not offered before! We hope you will enjoy!

$25 per person, minimum of 15 people (less than 15 can attend, with a minimum of 15 admissions paid)

Animal Guests to your party may include:

One Large Mammal

  • Miniature Donkey
  • Reindeer
  • Alpaca

One Small Mammal

  • Hedgehog
  • Bunny

Three Reptiles

  • Redfoot Tortoise
  • Russian Tortoise
  • Blue Tongue Skink
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Uromastyx Lizard
  • Leopard Gecko
  • Burmese Python
  • Corn Snake
  • Carpet Python

If there is a particular animal you want to request you can tell us when you book and we will do our best to accommodate them.  Otherwise the animals will be chosen by the staff based on the needs of the animals that day.

Want us to bring the PARTY TO YOU?
Parties, school presentations, corporate events, and more! Call (907) 745-4000 or email us directly at for more information about our Reindeer & Reptiles on the Road!