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Seems like there’s a little something funky about our calendar this year! Oh wait, no those are the house babies at the Reindeer Farm, not the spring months. House babies are reindeer babies who were having a hard time outside, or with their moms, or perhaps were just too little to survive outside. One of the reasons the Reindeer farm was voted, and remains, one of the top-rated attractions in the valley is the attention and care they give their animals.

If the team on the farm, ok fine MAINLY Denise, decides a reindeer baby needs intervention then it comes in the house. This is not a choice she makes lightly either. A reindeer baby IN the house requires almost around the clock feeding, attention and don’t forget you suddenly have a reindeer in the house. And if you think little ones can wreak havoc on a house, wait until you meet a baby reindeer.

But its all worth in the end when folks are flocking to the farm to meet those little babies they’ve been seeing so much of on Facebook. It’s one of the highlights of the Backyard Tour and you would be remiss in your parenting or hostess duties if you let friends and family miss this year’s crop of babies, April May and George. Book a Backyard Tour today!

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