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Happy Fall!

We’re looking forward to our first weekend of our annual Fall Family Fun Festival. Are you planning a trip to the Reindeer Farm this fall? We sure do hope so! Head on over to our online ticket sales, get your passes early to save some money AND skip the line.

One thing you MAY notice if you do come out for the festival is a few less animals around here. Yes, that’s right we sold our Elk herd! The thing is we never expected to be Elk farmers, with 30+ head of Elk, it just sort of happened. Elk are easily spooked which isn’t the best thing for a working farm with a lot of daily visitors. After coming to the realization that the Elk would be happier somewhere else, with less activity, all that was left to do was find a place they could be happy.

And we finally found the perfect buyers and last week they moved to their new home. We did keep one male, Apollo, two females and one baby because visitors did love seeing Elk up close and personal. Having just a few Elk means they can have their own bigger pen and a lot of space to roam. They can choose to be up close and personal with visitors or to stay far away if they need that.

While we may miss our Elk herd this will give us the opportunity to be more in touch with our remaining animals. And being a farm with a lot of different animals all being well cared for is important to us. We love all of our animals and only ever want the best for them, sometimes the best means of living somewhere else.