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We have a wide variety of animals on our farm! Click the animal on the list below to learn more about them!

  1. Reindeer 
  2. Highland Cattle
  3. Alpacas
  4. Bison
  5. Tibetan Yaks
  6. Rocky Mountain Elk
  7. Moose
  8. Pigs
  9. Horses
  10. Ponies
  11. Chickens
  12. Turkeys
  13. Rabbits
  14. Dogs
  15. Cats

1. Reindeer

a brown dog standing next to a cow

We have over 100 reindeer on our farm. We are the largest captive reindeer herd in North America.

Each reindeer on our farm has a name and unique personality. Some are sweet and others are sassy.

a cow standing on top of a dirt field

Reindeer are naturally curious and affectionate animals. Reindeer have a magically magnetic charm about them that you cannot truly understand until you meet a reindeer. We hope you enjoy our reindeer as much as we do!


2. Highland Cattle

Highland Cattle are originally from the Scottish Highlands. Their signature long wooly hair makes them fun to pet and brush. 

a close up of a cow behind a fence

Seamus and Gilly arrived on our farm in January of 2022. They were born on a farm in Talkeetna, Alaska.

Highlands can come in a variety of colors ranging from white, to brown, red, grey, and black. Lola came to us from a farm in Soldotna, Alaska in April of 2022. Lola is an older cow who has never had any calves of her own. Lola is the matriarch of our fold and enjoys keeping the two boys in line. She loves getting brushed and lots and lots of treats!

a cow is standing in the dirt


3. Alpacas

Our herd started with two girls. Izkue and her daughter Sky arrived on our farm in June of 2020. Sky was only 7 days old! Our family instantly fell in love with the alpacas and we knew we needed more.

Since then we purchased two more girls and a boy from Washington state. Alpacas are very hard to find in Alaska!

a group of sheep standing on top of a building

Alpacas are so fun. They have playful, spunky personalities. It is so fun to watch them jump and pronk around when they get excited. They grow fluffy fiber so they are soft to pet and hug.


4. Bison

a group of bison standing on top of a snow covered field

We have 3 Plains Bison that joined our Farm Family in December of 2022. Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, and Annie Oakley.
We purchased the babies from another captive Bison here in Point MacKenzie, Alaska. This herd was captive, but not well socialized. Billy had been orphaned by his mother and the farmer was concerned that he would not survive the winter on his own. We rescued Billy and adopted Butch and Annie to keep him company in their own little herd here where they could get more individual attention. Since they have come to our farm the babies have learned they love treats and people!

a person posing for the camera


5. Tibetan Yaks

a cow is standing in the snow

We have two Tibetan Yaks. Both were born in Alaska. Here is Alaska Yaks are raised for meat, fiber, and as pack animals. Appa was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and Jade was born here in Palmer.

a dog that is standing in the snow