Christmas Show

Bring Santa & His Reindeer to Your Gathering!

Quick Details

Availability: Call to book now

Duration: 2 hours max

Reindeer Petting (2 deer and 2 handlers)
Reindeer, Petting with Santa (2 deer, 2 handlers, and a special Santa Claus appearance!)
Reindeer Sled Ride (5 deer, 5 handlers pulling children on sleds. 2 hours max.)
Reindeer Sleigh Entrance (5 deer, 5 handlers pulling Santa into the event, standing and holding deer for petting afterwards. 2 hours max.)

Enjoy the Holidays With Santa & His Reindeer

Bring the holiday cheer to your business with our reindeer rentals! It’s fun at Christmas or any time of year. Schedule a fun day with reindeer petting, reindeer sled rides, and even a special appearance from Santa Claus! We provide friendly handlers who assist with the reindeer sled rides and activities.