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If you follow us on Facebook then you know we put out a very unique call to friends and supporters of the Reindeer Farm a few weeks back. If you’re not following us on Facebook, why not? You’ll find all kinds of day to day life on the Reindeer Farm on the Facebook page and of course things like special calls to action. Follow us and follow the fun.

After the New Year, there was a need to start halter training last year’s baby reindeer for THIS year’s visitors. It takes a special type of reindeer to be ready to mix with humans. Those curious and bold young individuals are hand-picked to be halter trained. Well, actually THEY pick themselves by showing that they’re not afraid of humans and they actively seek humans out. These are the next generation of reindeer you’ll be meeting on the farm in Summer 2018. So when the call went out on the Facebook page that we needed patient individuals to help us out, our supporters were there to back us up.

A few weeks ago our first Saturday morning group met to help halter train last years babies. They sure don’t look like babies anymore, do they?

 See how that rope is nice and loose? This reindeer is very comfortable with a halter and lead already.

These deer are feeling relaxed and happy to get a few nibbles as well.

All in all our volunteers have been amazing this winter. Dedicated to helping last years babies be ready for summer in a halter, visitors feeding them and maybe they’ll even make it to Santa’s team next Christmas. Who knows!

All images used with permission of the photographer John Gomes, AK John.