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Winter is here, sure wish we had snow though. It makes winter pass by so much smoothly and pleasantly, a little snow goes a LONG way. After Christmas, the days are still incredibly short and the nights are very long, not only does snow look pretty but it makes everything brighter, even at night. Our holiday season was busy as usual this year and after the New Year, we always look forward to resting and recuperating.

We have limited tour availability after Christmas and you can book those tours right here. These tours are only booked by appointment and are held on Saturdays. Winter tours can be a wonderful way to see Reindeer in weather they truly love. These tours are usually smaller than Summer tours and can give you a more intimate feel to your tour. Not only will you see Reindeer but you can see Rocky the Moose and Dolly the Bison.

If you’re going to come for a Winter Tour please remember a few things:

  1. dress for the weather-use layers, winter boots, hats and gloves to keep yourself warm
  2. consider a windbreaker layer if the wind is blowing
  3. if you do book a winter tour do be aware that tours can be canceled if the farm is very icy OR muddy
  4. we will have warm-up between animal visits so if you do start to get chilly you can warm up for a few minutes
  5. the Gift Shop is OPEN during your tour if you find yourself in need of a souvenir

So even while we’re resting up for another busy season you can still come out and visit, we’d love to see you!