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We’ve had plenty of folks wondering IF we host farm tours in the winter. And the simple answer is yes we do. Be prepared for a different sort of tour in the winter though, read on for more information.

Our Reindeer are true Arctic animals, they’re built to eat less in the winter. They live on less in the winter because they’ve adapted over the years to live where there is very little food available, the far north. Here on the farm in the summer season, you may have a crowd of Reindeer gathered around you trying to get your cup of grain but in the winter there’s just less need for them to eat. And less crowding. Of course here on the Reindeer Farm, they get all the food they could want every day they just choose to eat less.

Tours are smaller and more intimate in the winter. You could have as few as 10 people in your group where in the summer you get bigger crowds. Smaller groups mean more individualized attention, more time to linger with the animals, and a better chance to see animals close up and personal. Plus if you’re lucky you’ll get some fresh snow and everyone knows that fresh snow makes for some stunning Reindeer pictures!

About that snow. Winter in Alaska means dressing for the weather. You’ll definitely need warm boots, a coat, hat and mittens or gloves. Being prepared for the cold weather means your tour is going to be a lot more pleasant. Be sure to check the local forecast for wind and other advisories that may make a tour less than pleasant.

To come for a winter tour you must schedule that in advance and here’s the link to get started.  See you on the farm!