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While the calendar may not say it’s winter, the weather certainly feels like winter. And with that winter feeling comes the Reindeer Farm’s Winter Tours. This isn’t a Christmas Tour or Christmas on the Farm but a chance to enjoy the farm all tucked in for winter. Join us!

Winter on the Farm

You’ll enjoy your tour of the Reindeer Farm during the winter, it’s so different than the hustle and bustle of our summertime season. Winter is our time to slow down and take it easy. Our tour groups are smaller and more intimate. We only schedule a few tours a week, so we’re always glad for the company of a tour.

What to Expect on a Winter Tour of the Reindeer Farm

Winter tours last around an hour. During the tour, you’ll hand feed the reindeer, yak, bison, moose, and elk. You’ll experience the stillness of winter in Alaska. And see the Reindeer in weather they truly appreciate! Plus you’ll get lots of details about the farm and its history.

How to dress for a Winter Tour
Dress for winter. This includes warm boots because you’ll be standing on the cold frozen ground for at least an hour. We also recommend a pair of wool socks as well. Kids should wear snow pants OR a snowsuit to keep them the warmest. Hats and gloves are an absolute must. If it’s windy you may want to wear a balaclava for face protection as well.

We share these details with you because nothing can ruin the fun of being outside in the winter like being cold. We don’t have gear to lend if you get cold on the tour so definitely pack for the weather. You can always take it off if you’re too hot.

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